Wrap Rage

The questions of ‘Wrap Rage’?

I certainly suffer from it, how do you fare trying to open some of the more difficult packaging items that we acquire in daily shopping?  Have a look at the following You Tube video clip ‘Larry David vs Bad Packaging’


That snippet made me laugh but unhappily the underlying sentiment is certainly familiar, that intense frustration at not only being unable to open a pack with your fingers but failing continually with various sharp instruments. Until recently I thought I was unusual in being more than inadequate in a losing battle with clamshell packaging and blister packs, now I realise that an uncountable number of the world’s population suffer from the same problem and the attendant frustration, and sometime personal injury!

Readers Digest  have conducted a survey amongst consumers, not only in relation to clamshells and blister packs but also other forms of ‘un-openable’ items; the types of consequential injury that the survey reports are not surprising but nonetheless should never happen.

Time was when someone occasionally stabbed themselves in the hand with an old-fashioned tin opener, it could happen.  Perhaps someone can explain then why now, in the 21st century, in this age of high technology, instant communication and whiz-bang gizmos, we not only have to pay for unmanageable packaging as part of product costs but at the same time risk injury to our hands, teeth and general wellbeing to access the purchased product.

The packaging issue is a serious enough matter for able-bodied people, but what consideration are the packaging moguls giving to those less able.  Spend a moment to consider those amongst the general population who maintain their pride by looking after themselves and who would experience a range of difficulties – from ‘hard’ to ‘impossible’ – in forcing an entry into clamshell packaging, blister packs or sometimes even a ‘child proof’ jar or container.  A disability that weakens strength, dexterity, coordination; vision impairment; a debilitating illness such as arthritis; mental disability, the list can go on, sections of the community that have to ask for help to do something as simple as opening a consumer pack.

A product offered for sale is, by law, required to be ‘fit for purpose’.  Some of the purposes of these impossible packaging items may be to render an item ‘tamper proof’ or to pose a deterrent to in-store pilfering, however having paid good money for any item, big or small, I would expect to be able to remove the packaging (easily and without risk of personal injury) and when I can’t no tick for ‘fit for purpose’ from me!
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