What’s in a name?

The name of your business is a powerful intangible asset; a business name is the foundation for building a good reputation and customer loyalty.

The question then is are you protecting your business’ reputation?  Once reputation is tarnished it can be difficult to regain customer confidence and maintain market position.

Question number two, how to protect the standing of business reputation and brand?  Taking steps to ensure that a business operates within relevant legislation and regulations are part of this process hand in glove with identifying existing and ancticipated areas of risk exposure and treating risks in order of priority i.e. the greater the risk to a business the higher the ranking on an action plan.

Starting off with a business health check will identify areas of risk and potential non-compliance and enable decision makers in the business to formulate a program to remedy matters identified in the gap analysis.

Want to take steps to protect your organisation’s reputation?  Compliance Essentials can assist in the process; free phone 1300 602 880 to arrange a meeting for an initial discussion.  www.complianceessentials.com.au