Meeting of Minds

We ask our clients to tell us what they are looking to achieve; being a part of that achievement is what we are about which is why we think of our services as a ‘meeting of minds’.

How can our services be of value to your organisation?  As well as keeping on the right side of the increasing amount of legislation and regulation a healthy organisation can reduce risk exposure, stay efficient, engage commitment of the workforce and, great news, look to increase its profitability!

Compliance Essentials can work with you to ensure that all areas of your business are compliant; some examples,

In summary, Compliance Essentials can review compliance obligations and risk exposure, along with best practice processes, from the board room to the shop floor.Working with you, we Assess, Review and Monitor (ARM) your business in any or all of the areas of Corporate Governance, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Risk Management and Systems and Process ReviewFirstly, we listen to you to understand your needs and your business culture and then we devise a solution.

Most importantly, we do this concentrating on the process with your aims and objectives and, of course, your budget in mind.

How does it work?

A one-stop shop for all your organisational process, compliance and risk management needs nevertheless we are happy to mix and match as we believe there is no “one size fits all” solution  AND we aim to keep it simple to leave our clients with a workable framework to apply to current and future business activities.

Your business is unique. Therefore, Compliance Essentials offers a unique straight-forward business appraisal with workable recommendations.

We can also help you to implement effective best practice methods and partner with you to identify your needs, aims and objectives, working with you to add value to your organisation and to promote growth.

Drawing from our extensive experience in this field we can assist your organisation to fully identify its legal compliance obligations and so nurture its strengths, unlock potential and maintain a competitive edge.  Further, with the aim of providing our clients with a rounded service, we can connect you with professionals in other fields (known to Compliance Essentials as part of our network) that may be of use to your organisation – strategic planning, finance solutions, debtor solutions, insurances, legal services, graphics and website services, training – and we are happy to make introductions.

Of course, if you want to learn more please contact Gillian Kinder. We are here to help!

Case Studies

These are some snapshots of recent projects – to find out how we can help your organisation please contact us.