Keeping social media sociable

Does your organisation have a social media policy that is rolled out to all employees, including those who do not have access to company computer equipment?  If not, act sooner rather than later and set the culture for your organisation as well as the employer’s stance on anti-bullying and anti-harassment requirements across all employees.  Unacceptable social media messages from one employee to another or public messages that can be construed, amongst other allegations, as defamatory, rumour mongering, vilification, may leave an organisation exposed to culpability even where the social media posts were made off the premises from a personal device.  There has recently been a successful action in Australia (believed to be the first) whereby Christine Mickle, a music teacher, successfully brought an action as a result of comments posted on Twitter that were construed as defamatory; Christine Mickle was awarded a total of $105,000 damages.

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