Keeping Health and Safety Alive

As with a lot of individual definitions of ‘compliance’ being OH&S compliant can trigger a lot of different interpretations; not always are employers aware of the bigger picture.

Let’s go back to the dictionary definition of Compliance; a noun with the meaning of conforming to a rule, such as a specification,  policy,  standard or law. When applied to OH&S or any other operational function it is therefore important that all aspects of performance and functionality are considered in conjunction with compliance obligations and organisational risk management methodology.

Occupational health and safety is about protecting the workforce, visitors and the general public from physical danger as well as protecting the mental wellbeing of employees. Should something go wrong the most tragic outcome can be death.  The Safework Australia website reports that 75 workplace related deaths occurred between January and April this year with the highest occurrence from public road crashes.

The starting points for improving workplace health and safety are commitment to a safe working environment stemming from a duty of care and implementing well thought out organisational policies and procedures that engage the understanding of all concerned and which can form part of ongoing organisational training and job related briefings.

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