It is interesting to see the changing shape of business as life takes on its post pandemic form. This is a time when leaders need to be at the forefront of their business providing encouragement and support to move back into the physical business space as well as what may well be a new business model emergent after two years of uncertainty. Delaying action and withholding enthusiasm from the top are not business best practice; contact us if an objective view would be part of formulating a new business strategy. Contact us 1300 602 880 or

Customer Service

Customer service is an expression that is thrown around sometimes meaning what the individual wants it to mean. Let’s get down to the basics – good customer service is outward facing to our clients and also inward facing to our managers and peer groups. How many times do you hear from Board directors that management doesn’t answer queries or give them the information requested? How often have you been in an an environment where a customer complaint becomes critical because nobody bothered to answer the problem in the first place? Good customer service is such a boon and requires very little expense and what expense there is can be far outweighed by the benefits and loyalty that is generated. Contact us 1300 602 880 or