Key Solution – Occupational Health and Safety

Often a minefield, but employers and employees both have a legal obligation to keep the workplace safe for themselves, colleagues, visitors and the general public.

Operating a safe workplace is not only about maintaining a physically safe working environment it is also about protecting the mental wellbeing of employees and colleagues; eradicating discrimination (in any form), bullying and harassment should be part of the OH&S philosophy.  Managing OH&S and Human Resources are part of good corporate governance and part of a sound compliant culture.

Compliance Essentials can assist your business with our comprehensive OH&S products:

  • OH&S Site audit including report and recommendations
  • Implementation of safe work practices
  • Review and preparation of OH&S policies and procedures
  • Employee consultation processes
  • Communication methods

Demonstrating compliance with ISO 4801 and ISO 4804 can help to give your organisation a competitive edge.


A safe workplace is a happy workplace!

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